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Butterflies flock to zinnia, coneflowers and joe pye weed.

On Feb 1, 2016, coriaceous from ROSLINDALE, MA wrote: The unripe fruit of this species is toxic to humans. This species has naturalized in 14 states and is considered damagingly invasive to natural areas in Florida and Hawaii.

I’ve eaten ripe berries as a trail-side nibble and I am still here.

They are very sweet, crunchy and slightly aromatic.

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Home depot and Lowes and other gardens center sell the the invasive lantans because eveyone is buying the pretty non-natives. depressa ) are just as beautiful and do more good than harm.I live in northern florida and kept one plant inside and it did well; however, I found that it now has these white bugs that is eating the leaves and that makes me upset!!!!!!!!The plant is about to bloom (flower) and we are in the first week of March!!I don't like to use a lot of pesticide nand have just bought some more.What could be doing this and would a homemade soap based pesticied work? It adds a great splash of color and spills over the edges of the beds.

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