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Most of the locals here have never heard the word feminist, and culturally the concept is foreign to them.

While the men here are in many ways Westernised, they have no acceptance of the concept of equality.

It is acceptable for men to cheat, but completely unacceptable for women. In the cross cultural relationships I have witnessed here, or been a part of, trust is a significant issue.

That and the fact that women in Tanzania should not question what her man chooses to tell her—to do so is to show disrespect.

Take that young woman and place her into a culture that believes that the opinion of women is probably wrong and always to be ignored, and fireworks explode on the inside.

I have had to make a number of changes in the way I would normally go about my daily life.

Nothing anyone can say or do will help her with this.

One of the biggest struggles a woman in Tanzania faces is living with the cultural attitudes towards women.

As a strong, independent, educated young woman who is known for being blunt and for always speaking her mind, dealing with the attitude towards women here has been difficult.

The culture here reminds me of western culture sixty or more years ago, when women rarely working outside the home.

They cooked and cleaned, while the men took care of business. A woman coming to Africa needs to be ready for this piece of culture.

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