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and we spent our summer holiday walking around in these miniature space suits (Ridley apparently used his children as doubles for scale, to appear further away).I became very exposed to this sci-fi thing, and I’ve followed the other films.’ We looked at top of the range auto advertising, Audi and BMW, but we didn’t have the time or budget so it was all shot in-camera, apart from the backdrop.

So we went for the ‘bake in the bag’ – it reminded me of an oven meal, the cod in parsley sauce from my childhood. For the whole idea was ‘what would an advertising segment look like for an artificial human?

And the way to communicate that is through audio-visual mediums and try to effect change for the better. Sometimes you get glimpses of it with these momentous cultural events like Childish Gambino doing This Is America. For me it was about updating that and trying to understand what the marketplace really is looking like. It does mean I have to step away from directing for the short term. It’s much more emotional than I could have imagined. Possibly this role I’ve taken on will allow me to do a bit of that.

I’ve got some great people with me: my brother Jake and my sister Jordan. While we’ve been around for 50 years, it’s looking forward to how we’re going to show up in the next 50 years, which is key, and to make sure that the Ridley Scott legacy remains, endures and grows. It’s about the process that has to be repeated so accurately and if you don’t the arrows start drifting off. Writing is part of my skillset as a director and it was always my passion.

When people see this, I’ll get into trouble even for saying this, but there are some surprises and moments that reflect the first based on a true story from 1846 on the emigrant trail in the west US, where a group of emigrants get stuck on the Rockies and all end up eating each other.

It’s a fascinating story, so much material, so I’m getting through that.

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