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YOU ARE READING Teen Fiction "Your hot," she said, I could see her smirk while she was doing her work, I blushed, but ignored her comment, I secretly always liked it when she compliments me, but I act like I hate it.

She's a girl, I'm a girl, and I'm not gay. -Savanna's POV- Joey put her ciggerette out and threw it in the trash bin, then came back and grabbed my hand and pulled me down to the field with her, she went inside the equipment room and came back out with a football, "Let's play.." "I can't play" "Why can't you?

She had no idea how to feel, leaving all of her “normal” friends,and family.

All of her 17 years of life was in Fallon-vile, now she would have to be in the society of fake vile,(as she called it) living with plastic people who their only worry was how money they need to get their hair done.

" She let it out "Yeah" I sighed "Why don't you just ask him out?

you can get anyone you want" she laughed "Cause I don't play like that" I defended "How do you play then?

" She pushed I looked at her "Someone who'll fight for me at least, and doesn't care about my popularity, but just the real me, all of me" after I finished the sentence I laid back down "And you think Miles would do that?

" She asked "He just messes around with girls, he breaks their hearts after" "How do you know, you don't even talk to him" I said annoyed "Maybe cause he's my brother" she flatly said "What" I asked a bit of shock in my voice "Yep" she breathed in the smoke "he's not my real brother, but my dad met his mom and they hit it off well.

But The beginning of freshman year he told me to stay away from him, and act like we weren't family and I did, look at us now, 11th grade and people still don't know.

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