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Men talk about dating just like women do, but sometimes I wonder if they should turn to their female friends for advice instead. Here is the terrible dating advice men give one another.

“At the time, I was in love, but looking back on it, I realize how many different experience I missed out on,” he told Buzzfeed.

“Everyone tells you that, but you always believe your relationship is different.

We never understood that saying until we washed up on the shores of our thirties.

As we explored the island of early middle age, we started to realize that we knew a thing or two—we had learned to be emotional spear-fishers.

Stay focused on your relationship goals, and only get involved with people who can help you get closer to them.The point is, we learned how to be a solid half of a good relationship by making every mistake in the book.Our younger selves needed to know these things, but there was no one around to tell them. “Don’t do the long distance college thing.” This poor guy spent the first three years of his college experience in a struggling long-distance relationship.The one text you must NEVER send any woman if you want to have a chance with her...The 3 BIGGEST TEXTING MISTAKES men make and how to avoid them...

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