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The issue was resolved Tuesday when the MPAA changed “Angel Heart’s” X rating to R after Parker cut 10 seconds from the offending scene.The incongruity between the “Cosby’s” Denise playing a voodoo priestess whose love scene with Mickey Rourke concludes with them bathed in blood was just too much for some journalists to resist.“It is just easy journalism,” Parker charged, blasting what he viewed as the media’s trivialization of Bonet’s talent as an actress and of “Angel Heart’s” significance as art.

Mickey Rourke is becoming the man of a thousand faces.“Obviously that’s not right, since Emilio Estevez (24) can write, star, direct and produce his own movies and then stick his fiancee in a film.”Officials at NBC refused to discuss the issue, saying that what Bonet did off the “Cosby” set was her business. Bonet said that before she took the role, she consulted Cosby and told him there would be nudity.He encouraged her to do what was best for her career, she said.Mickey Rourke (born Philip Andre Rourke Jr on September 16, 1952 in Schenectady, New York) is an American actor and retired boxer who has appeared in movies since his debut appearance in the 1979 movie 1941.Mickey Rourke is a Hollywood film actor and former boxer.

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