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As a Pakistani woman, things are a great deal more formal than that.One is not simply left to your own devices when it comes to love and marriage. where basically, no one is allowed to touch you until you’re married.I think a growing number of modern Muslims experience something synonymous in terms of their relationship with Islam.

In terms of religion, you can probably guess by now that I am incredibly liberal.I have studied my religion and taken from it the salient points that I wish to live my life by and pass on to my children.I am not strict by any means but I’m pretty happy in my relationship with the big guy upstairs and that’s good enough for me.As first generation children born in Britain, I don’t think my parents knew how to handle socialising us with the opposite sex and so the matter was often dealt with the way it typically was in Pakistan and Islam, through segregation of the sexes.I think this is the wrong approach and, on reflection, so does my mum.

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