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He has a copy of it but never intends to release it.

4) He sold a painting that he had just finished for ,000 at Art Basel Miami in 2011.

Nas had that mole, that baby face, those eyes, that chipped tooth and a mean mug any New Yorker would appreciate.

Many women couldn’t seem to resist him as he’s dated legendary singer, Mary J.

Where you can catch him is working on one of his many entrepreneurial endeavors.

Nas has built and invested in many companies, including media publishing company , which he just dropped a new collection for.

The new collection is to honor Black History Month and to empower youth in urban communities.

Besides Nas’s many entrepreneurial efforts, he has most recently been featured on DJ Khalid’s album, , which is anticipated for a second season this year. After reviewing all of these amazing things that this baby faced kid from the hood has accomplished, can we appreciate his looks again? Check out 5 things you may not know about Nas: 1) Nas played the trumpet when he was six but his father took it away for fear it would disfigure his lips.

( and put up his own money to hire a cast and crew to shoot the film.

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