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That’s why people break-up in that three to nine month window — because you’re seeing who they really are. Related Link: Relationship Advice: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Saying “I Do.” Lastly, what’s the best relationship advice you’ve ever received?

It’s really different than what you might read about or what you’re expecting, but I really wanted to share these with everyone.

I found a solution for it, and I felt like what I discovered could make a difference for my readers.

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Fortunately, author Neil Strauss tackles these tough topics in his new book He addresses issues that couples face on a daily basis and shares his own journey along the way.

In our exclusive author interview, Strauss talks about the inspiration for his autobiography, the lesson he hopes his readers learn, and his three best pieces of expert relationship advice.

"A woman is a 'target,' an interaction is a 'set,' and he'll try to take her to a 'seduction location,'" he says.

I think a lot of these experiences, in the world of open relationships and non-monogamy, were not what I expected them to be or what other people would expect.

You previously said that you’re not the “hero in this tale” and that you are the “villain.” Why do you feel that way? The book begins with me cheating on my girlfriends!

Usually, a relationship starts with projection, where you don’t truly see who the other person is; you just see who you want them to be. I treated my childhood wounds like cancer, so I could have control over them. Then, you think we’re happy and maybe we should have a baby. All the work we did on ourselves allows me and Ingrid to be the best, healthy, and nurturing parents we can be, so our child doesn’t have the issues we had. Our relationship is still important; we still have that connection time.

The next stage is disillusionment, where you see who they really are and not your fantasy. If you can recognize the baggage you both bring and unpack that baggage, you get to have a relationship that’s ten times better than the fantasy. And Ingrid as well — she worked on her abandonment issues. I was initially scared of marriage because of my parents, but sometimes, what you’re scared of is what you should be doing.

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