Nottingham tree ring dating laboratory

At Nottingham you will build a solid foundation in biological and environmental applied science.

The environment is one of the most important and exciting areas for scientific enquiry today.

Students who successfully complete the presessional course to the required level can progress onto their chosen degree course without retaking IELTS or equivalent.

For details please see the alternative qualifications page Foundation year - a foundation year is available for this course.

A levels: ABB-BBB at least one of the following preferred subjects at A level biology, chemistry, physics, geography, maths, geology, environmental science or equivalent.

Put into practice the skills and knowledge learned in the laboratory and lecture theatre.

Gain hands-on experience directly related to skills required in the environmental sector.

Lettering should be large enough to allow 50% reduction.

Original line drawings, black-line positives on acetate, and glossy prints are acceptable.

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