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The Internet Usage Meter provides a colour-coded reference to easily show the different types of usage available, and to connect the data shown in the graph to that in the table.Your Plan Allowance will show in blue, Rollover hours (if applicable) will show in green, Bonus hours/MBs in orange and excess hours/MBs in red.On plans that have an hours or data limit when you exceed 100% of your available hours or MBs, you will be charged at the applicable excess rate for your plan.Click here if you would like to upgrade your monthly plan in order to provide more hours/MBs for your next and subsequent billing periods.

As the 'yes' Net All Hours Unlimited plan does not have either an hours or a data limit, it cannot be graphed in the same way as plans that do have a limit.

The History page shows the last 3 months of usage in graphical format, while the last 6 months of usage is shown in table format.

Similar to the Current Usage page, the History page also shows a breakdown of Plan Allowance, Rollover (if applicable), any Bonus Hours and Excess Usage.

To access the History page, click on the link in the left hand menu.

The Session Information page provides a detailed report of each login to your account including the date and time the session started, the duration of the session and the amount of data downloaded and uploaded during the session.

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