Othello pre reading dating game

Othello is an odd play, an "extravagant and wheeling stranger" among the kings, queens, and princes that populate other Shakespearean tragedies. He has risen to a position of power on his own merits--a rarity throughout most of history (and arguably still a rarity today).

He's a warrior who doesn't get to fight anyone or anything except his own demons.

There were no black, or even brown actors to play Othello. Or maybe they just wore a turban and some colorful robes.

Othello, like the "women" on the stage, "is not what he is." He's just an actor, painted black. Could he not just as easily have been a Jew, like Shylock, or an Egyptian, like Cleopatra?

Perhaps a bastard, like Edmund--there are number of ways Will could have told this story of a man who marries above his station, who's an outsider, who is ruined because he doubts himself and mistrusts anyone who loves him.

The fact that Will chose to tell this story at all--a story so unlike others that lured him, is interesting.

Othello has come down to us in two markedly different early texts; and the substantial differences between the 1622 Quarto and the 1623 Folio have led to its becoming involved, along with Hamlet and Lear, in an intense debate over Shakespearian revision.The play is less interested in race per se than in the disjunction between what seems and what is. Written at some time between 16, Othello belongs to the period in which Shakespeare's powers as a tragic dramatist were at their peak.Desdemona (notice the "demon" embedded in her name) is, like Juliet, a sheltered aristocratic girl who dares to love someone inappropriate.As in Romeo and Juliet, the events of the play happen in only a few days.

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