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In the subsequent 1953 election, four women – Fairclough, Margaret Aitken, Sybil Bennett and Ann Shipley – were elected to Parliament.Every subsequent election has had at least two women elected to Parliament, except 1968 when Grace Mac Innis was the only woman elected.The New Democratic Party caucuses in the 39th Canadian Parliament, the 41st Canadian Parliament and the 42nd Canadian Parliament were all 40 per cent female, the closest that a party with official party status has ever come to attaining full gender balance.The party's slate of candidates in the 2015 election was also 42 per cent female, with 145 women constituting the largest slate of female candidates ever nominated by a single political party in a federal election.Gender representation has been a significant issue in Canadian politics.The first woman elected to the House of Commons of Canada was Agnes Macphail, in the 1921 election.

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All of the women served as interim leaders of their parties during leadership campaigns; however, Grey was considered only an acting Leader of the Opposition.

Kathryn Cholette of the Green Party was the first woman ever to win the leadership of a federal political party, and Audrey Mc Laughlin of the New Democratic Party was the first woman to win the leadership of a party with seats in the House of Commons.

Canada has had one woman Prime Minister, Kim Campbell.

At various times, parties have also had 100 per cent female representation in their caucuses, but again only by virtue of having a caucus that consisted of just one or two members.

The Yukon New Democratic Party attained the distinction, in the 2011 Yukon general election, of becoming the first party with official party status ever to have an elected caucus that reached or exceeded parity between women and men, with four women and two men elected as MLAs.

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