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Using one such chronology from the Oregon Coast Range, we use statistical tools to match the measurements from our ‘ghost forests’ to the tree ring chronology.

If we have prepared and measured our slabs well, and there is overlap between the measurements and the chronology, we find a date!

However, no single landslide from that earthquake has been definitively pinpointed.

In the Oregon Coast Range, there are greater than 30,000 large bedrock landslides; yet, none of these landslides have been historically observed, though shallow landslides and debris flows abound in the rainy season each year.

Ring width variations record climatic forcings such as drought, as visible on the right.

For example, several small rings beginning in 1739 correspond to regional drought that is visible in tree rings throughout western Oregon.

So, while radiocarbon dating is useful and can help narrow the range of possible ages, it is currently to date a landslide with the sub-annual accuracy common to dendrochronology.Despite this looming threat, there is a general lack of understanding of how earthquakes affect the landscape in the Pacific Northwest.The last major fault rupture occurred on January 20, 1700; the earthquake lowered the coastline and unleashed a tsunami that reached Japan.Given these trees died synchronously with the landslide, the tool of dendrochronology, or tree ring science, provides the means necessary to date the landslide.Collected slabs, or wedges, from Douglas-fir snags at landslide-dammed lakes.

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