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This isn’t a walk in the playground, but simply the harsh realities need to be stated and out there in the open to save you time and a headache.No matter if Ukraine or any other country, you should never out of principal be sending money to women online.Whether it’s a taxi driver you met outside of Maidan, or that sweet girl you’ve been chatting with for 10 minutes online that you just hit it off with so well.Always keep in mind that you need to be treating these people are strangers in your life, and have your guard up at all times.We’ve tried and tested the majority of the platforms out there, even the newer ones that seem to make their way out and eventually die off, and we still find one true winner that keeps giving results year after year.

If this is your first rodeo in terms of online dating in Ukraine, before you jump in you should read and digest the following advice.

Overall, Ukraine Date is home to one of the largest pools of attractive, normal Ukrainian women that are looking for short and long-term relationships.

Here’s the great thing about Ukraine Date – if you asked your friends to name a few popular dating platforms, what do you think they’d say? How many of them said Ukraine Date, Russian Cupid, etc?

The online dating process in Ukraine can be quite rewarding overall, you just need to be patient and build up an excellent profile and be ready to go on a handful of dates (at the minimum, three date rule is in effect if not 5 on average).

You also need to be ready for shit tests, and questions like: There’s not doubt you’re going to be asked these questions and more, so you better have some good answers ready for them. What is the best Ukrainian dating sites as of 2019?

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