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Elmer is the name given to people cloned by Thrust Babies, a company owned by Bryce Tankthrust.

Each clone has various jobs working at places owned by Bryce Tankthrust, which include: Cashier, Dollar Store Worker, Uber Driver, and Disneyland Worker.

All clones hate their jobs, making quips and insults about everyone who comes in.

He appeared in the video Elmer Hates His Job, and also made a short appearance in Grandpa Hates Disneyland.

Recurring characters include Grandpa, as well as a dysfunctional mother of three from A Day with Mom, Sam, and the characters of Angry Office where Rogers plays Dorian while other characters include Deeno the Filipino and Jürgen the blind fashion designer.

For his sketches he often goes out in public, dressed up, and acts out his characters, which has reportedly gotten him kicked out of various establishments. He's a former stand-up comedian and a theater class teacher who handles his students throughout the series despite having no knowledge of teaching.

His style of acting and comedy is comparable to that of Sacha Baron Cohen.

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She now works as Bryce Tankthrust's assistant at Tankthrust babies. Sorry, I don’t really know — I know it’s not Richard Petty-long, but I don’t watch that redneck shit. She’s mostly noted, career-wise, for posing in sexy outfits in magazines … Going to retire after a — I guess — somewhat-long racing career. She’ll drive in a couple major races and then done. I forget the name, but I’m sure you can find it online. The characters that are evident to go to the school are Timmy, Samantha, Sebastian, and Ignacio.She also carries supernatural abilities, such as being able to suck the life force out of people with a straw preferably through their anuses.

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