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But we know that the town existed much earlier than Russia’s Christian period, inhabited by Finno-Ugric peoples, the main one of which still exists today under the name Mordva.

It is just that this town, located on the main tributary of the wide and long Oka River, appears during the thirteenth century as an eastern outpost of Russia, where chronicles were kept.

But by that time there were Orthodox Christian Russians living in settlements in that region, and the Christian religion began little by little to spread to the local pagan tribes and Tatars.

For example: The thirteenth century saw the settlement of nomadic Tatars into the fertile pastures along the Moksha River.

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Particularly in pre-Christian Russia, Slavic tribes such as the Vyatichi and Krivichi would raid the Mordovian and Volga Bulgar lands, pushing eastward.

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The white building in the front was once the Holy Trinity Church.

In the far background is the Church of the Burning Bush Mother of God, also partially destroyed.

Before that, it was first the home of a number of pagan tribes, vying with each other for control of the important river trade in the area.

From the vast, dense forest along the Moksha River came pitch and wild honey, important commodities of the times.

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