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Anyone with at least 1/20 vision must have got an eyeful of Sarah’s… “assets”Depending on how you look at it, she’s either fortunately or unfortunately, formed quite a .

She was the first at school to get boobs and wear a bra.

They were all teenage sweethearts, too: Beeny met her husband, Graham Swift, an artist, at the age of 19.

Sarah is best known for presenting property shows on Channel 4, such as ‘Property Ladder’Sarah set-up her own property development company when she was 24 with her brother and boyfriend.

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Sarah Lucinda Beeny (born 9 January 1972) is an English broadcaster and entrepreneur. Sarah has a home in South West London and another in Yorkshire. Sarah Lucinda Beeny Sarah Beeny was born on 9th January 1972.Speaking of which, here’s a collection of property development tips from the Bean herself.Sarah landed her role on Property Ladder by randomly talking to someone at a party. Sarah’s father was an architect so she had been on building sites all her life, that’s where she built her foundation of knowledge regarding properties.

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