Screenupdating excel performance

5) The bigger your Excel workbook, the slower your Smart View queries will run.

This is why running a query in an Excel workbook that has many other worksheets can take a long, long time.

e Capital Advisors cannot be held responsible for any unintended consequences this may have, including but not limited to crashed servers, unresponsive laptops and subsequent yelling matches with your supervisor.

By default, Smart View will use the Internet Explorer timeout settings.

Interestingly enough, it also can dramatically increase the size of the Excel file itself when this setting is turned on.

It does not seem to do this against a BSO or Planning cube.

, learn what the current BI infrastructure has been and associated challenges with the traditional approach.

Repeatedly running retrieves off of the same Excel sheet will therefore cause performance to slowly diminish over time.

If performance becomes noticeably slower after using the same sheet for an extended period of time, open a blank Excel workbook and recreate the query. Without this option, Smart View will reformat each cell based on the grid operations you perform.

9) Admittedly, this one is less performance related, but is still useful.

If you have already increased your Net Retry Count and Net Retry Interval settings, but are still receiving this message, it may be due to Internet Explorer timeout settings: Warning: Never modify any registry settings unless you know what you are doing or have the assistance of a trained professional.

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