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For patients who want a completely pain-free procedure, we offer Deep IV Sedation or General Anesthesia.Our regular IV Sedation is included in the surgical abortion fee.Patient’s recover from the sedation within 45 minutes to one hour.We charge an additional fee for this service, but under certain circumstances, most patients believe it is well worth the cost. It allows patients to be asleep and feel no discomfort or pain while the surgical procedure is being performed. In addition to helping patients not remember the procedure, it relieves anxiety and allows patients to be comfortable during the abortion procedure.Our Deep IV Sedation requires a small additional fee.IV Sedation or Deep Sedation should be satisfactory for most patients who undergo surgical abortion procedures as the latter is associated with the patient’s ability to respond verbally while the procedure is taking place; although most patients do not remember or feel anything.

However, the medications used can linger in the blood stream for hours and sometimes even days, thus causing patients unnecessary delays in returning to their normal work schedules, school or other responsibilities.

” Having a surgical abortion procedure performed should not be an uncomfortable experience.

There are many facilities still only using a combination of valiuml, nitrous oxide, and numbing of the cervix with Lidocaine to perform abortion procedures.

These techniques have been passed on and learned by other Physicians who work at the Women’s Centers and they are able to apply their skills for providing patients the same level of comfort during the surgical procedure.

At our Women’s Centers, we believe that all patients deserve to be comfortable when undergoing their termination of pregnancy.

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