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same goes for pictures, they scan pictures for sensitive text they do image recognition.Not only wechat could get you into trouble if you would say something or post a controversial moments, it cant even get the job done of sending personal messages between you and your friends. technically its good technology, but in practice they block it so much that it becomes useless piece of crap.Translation is conveniently built in, which is much nicer than constantly pasting into google translate.Apparently the built-in translator is driven by Microsoft translate.There are actual people behind the accounts so I know they're not bots.I've spent plenty of time trolling around chatting with them and fucking around with telling them it's too expensive and I need a seems it happens to both foreigners and mainland local chineses.if your personal messages contain some keywords not approved, your messages will be sent in limbo and never received by the other contact.

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I started using this and I'm getting strange women/girls messaging me and adding me. I've had a bunch add me and they all generally go through the same script of "gege what's your job?According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, two of the suspects, surnamed Qiao and Du, both worked in the sex industry.They both have their own Baidu and Weibo profiles, with Qiao's saying that she was born in South Korea and is of mixed Chinese and Korean descent.It's translate feature is actually really helpful.When I first arrived in China (postgrad at university) I used the people nearby feature to meet people.

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