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You can chat and share pretty much any file type here.

Riot was built with groups in mind and unlike Slack where you have a new login for each room, Riot allows you to have a single login ID.

You will get credits which you can then use to boost your profile visibility, priority matching, and some additional features.

Riot is a new anonymous chat messaging app that was built on the Matrix system.

There are some fun games that you can play with other members. If you are a gamer but still haven’t heard of Discord, you must be living under a rock.

There is a review section where members like to rate and review music and movies mostly, but can be used to review anything. There is VIP access which removes ads, offers special in-game features, and you get 3000 gold credits every month. While Discord was built from the ground up to be a safe haven for gamers to chat anonymously and in real time, it has gained popularity in the recent months and is being used by people from all walks of life.

Riot’s strength lies in its scalability in terms of communities and groups, even when the other user is using a different app like Slack or IRC client.

Riot wants the messaging world to be uninformed where anyone can use their preferred app and still communicate effectively.

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There are a number of arcade and casino games to choose from that will help you bond with others while having fun.You met someone on Tinder, and you would like to be in touch for a while.But you don’t trust them enough to share your Facebook or Whats App number.You can use it to meet new people, for a school project, business project, sports team, and pretty much any other niche where you need to interact with a group of people.It is free, offers end to end encryption and supports voice and video calls.

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