Should christians do online dating

The purpose for many in the online dating pool is ultimately marriage; while for a select few it is finding a mistress because they are in sexless marriages and others just want to be friends and hang out. If you just skip this step you will get the wrong someone and then most likely go back to God and complain about who you chose and settled for. I would like to say that I didn’t meet the former pastor who dumped me via text and then a month later wanted to make things right by justifying it because he didn’t want to deal with the ‘drama’.

Anyway; what you decide is between you and the Lord but here are some things to ponder before getting yourself into a game. Being single isn’t about going out and just finding someone it’s about being the right someone for the someone that God has for you.

” My cursor hovers above “Washboard,” but in the end, I select, “I should maybe lose a few.” Next comes eye color, ethnicity, education, occupation, and smoking and drinking preferences. I’m questioned on what type of church I attend, how often I go, and what ministry I’m involved in. “Christian dating websites have potential for much good.

While this may be true in the specific literal term the Bible is very clear about a few things: 1- But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.I’ve always been pretty bias when it comes to Christian dating sites, but I can’t honestly say that these were views or beliefs that I organically cultivated on my own.I was raised in a church with pretty traditional and rigid views regarding courtship, marriage, and gender roles.But the way many of these websites are going about their business is shallow and short-sighted, and we need to be having a serious conversation about After weighing both sides, it appears that there may not be a right or wrong answer to the growing question about whether or not dating sites are appropriate for Christians.As with many questions that can’t be answered with a single scripture or a blanket commandment, it’s a personal decision.

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