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There is a sexual component for some girls where they get off on the weight on top of them.Just as some people want to be almost asphyxiated some girls get off on being underneath a large man. I am pretty thin (123 lbs 5'6") and the guy I dated for a long time and even still love is a pretty big guy.Interestingly, I don’t think fat people have this problem, as their arrival at the gym prompts awed looks of respect from everyone.People stop working out to look and think “Good for them, glad to see they’re doing something about it”. We just feel a bit out of place among people who are twice our size engaging in an activity which may very well kill us if we try it.We aren't together anymore, but I have never met such a kind, gentle, and loving person.It's not all about looks, and the people who think it is aren't worth it anyway.

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Instead we’re just there, struggling to keep up with the pace of this muscular, protein-gorging, leg-day world. What’s a tedious necessity for everyone else becomes an odyssey for thin people.We are apart now, he has lost a heap of weight, and is becoming a gym junkie.It seems when we broke up, it gave him the incentive to lose weight.The only thing worse is when friends realise how weak you are and relegate you to some pitiful role, like pointlessly lifting the middle of a table while the others do the heavy lifting at each end.Skinny girls never have this problem: they can always ask someone else to do it without losing face.

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