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In 1903 a factory for producing sugar from sugar beets was built in Windsor.

Sugar beet cultivation required large numbers of "stoop laborers," a need that was met by ethnic German immigrants from Russia.

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Hilton built a small house situated half-way between Greeley and Fort Collins.

With large families and a strong work ethic, the German-Russians who settled in Windsor and other sugar beet areas would achieve financial success within one generation and own the highest producing beet farms.

The Great Western Sugar Company fueled Windsor's economy through the mid-1960s, when the Windsor factory closed.

Irrigation increased crop variety and production and the railroad shipped this bounty to market. By 1900, tariffs on foreign sugar had created a market for new sources of sugar.

The town was platted in 1882, the same year the Windsor Railroad Depot was built, and incorporated in 1890. Research in the improved cultivation of sugar beets was taking place at Colorado Agricultural College in Fort Collins, and the capital to advance production and manufacture of beet sugar was coming together.

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