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My goal is to help you find peace, healing, and guidance when your world is turned upside down by one of these circumstances, ""I work with individuals, families, and communities when they or someone they care about is facing life-changing illness, end of life, or bereavement.

Faced recurrent relapse and need more support than just individual therapy?

But it doesn’t have to be this way.""Live your truth. Before we know it, we’re living someone else’s life, satisfying everyone’s expectations but our own.

All to earn the love and acceptance we don’t feel worthy of otherwise.

Therapy can heal wounds from the past and take us into the present where we can make choices that help to put us on a path that we truly desire.""Let's collaborate to help you move towards more insight, peace and fulfillment. Except that, all too often, we convince ourselves that who we are is not enough, that what we want is undeserved.

I understand that every person has their own unique struggle and I want to help you to be able identify your blocks and strategize ways through them. So we stifle our talents, ignore our truth and deny our deepest desires.

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