Stars in the sky dating bristol

You enter a nearby city, for us, Bristol is quite adequate, and then point your ipad or phone to the sky to see where to find planets, constellations etc.A handy search facility top left tells you what is currently visible for the date and time (not allowing for cloud cover!In the south of an Exmoor Autumn sky the most distinctive constellation is Pegasus, with its box of four stars forming the body of a winged horse.The sides of the square are about the width of a clenched fist across, with little visible within the square.The moon is “locked” into our gravity so that it rotates on its axis at the same rate at which it orbits the earth, consequently we always see the same “face” of the moon and never see “the dark side”.As the moon orbits the earth we see more, or less of it illuminated by the sun.

Refer to a good sky chart to see how these shapes transfer to a winged horse as its not obvious!

Above and to the left of Betelgeuse are the celestial twins Castor and Pollux.

On Exmoor summer nights The Summer Triangle can be seen, formed of three stars, Deneb, Vega and Altair.

We take 24hrs to spin on our axis, the angle of tilt varying the length of “day” or sun exposure as our area of the globe turns to face the sun.

Our Moon Other planets also have moons, some more than one, and they are characterised by moving on an orbit around their particular planet.

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