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I should be quieter.” Now he’d be just as mistaken as introverts trying to be extroverts, because guess what?

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It’s just not a fit to try and be someone you’re not.You’re free to do this because no matter how someone else responds to you (whether she “rejects” you or “ghosts” you or any other number of things), you have a choice: Communicating authentically and clearly is a valuable skill, and it comes along with developing a strong introvert dating mindset.For example, you can even bring up a potentially challenging topic like exclusivity and/or breaking things off in a way that honors and respects both of you. This is because 100% of the time, you’re more attractive when you’re *not* trying to be someone you’re not. To shed light on it, let’s go to one of my favorite analogies: Because both dating and business depend on attraction for success, there is a strong parallel. The most successful businesses create something they genuinely want to create AND that their audience genuinely wants to buy.When an extrovert fakes introversion, it also falls flat.Yeah, well how often does an extrovert feign introversion?

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