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I would never share any information like that." Kara smiled, "I know." "Besides..." Lena continued, taking another sip, "While I have so many questions, I already have some of the answers. Like Aladdin, I had a good heart, but I felt like I was living a lie. "No." Lena chuckled, "Kara." "Oh." Kara said guiltily. But while he's been nice enough on the brief occasions that I've seen him, there seems something... And the stories that Kara tells me about him aren't exactly flattering." "No, he's... "Look at me, talking about another woman on a date with you." Lena smiled, "I suppose you could say she bought us together, but still I apologise. But then Kara slowly turned her head to listen to the progress with the robbery, biting her lip as she tried to calculate how much of a risk she was already taking by not immediately rushing over there, and then she turned back to see Lena looking sad, and Kara couldn't stand the sight of Lena looking sad. She had practically given her an open invitation, but it seemed that Lena didn't quite trust it.Like him, I had no idea what I was getting into, and was way over my head. They think the ending was so happy, because he has everything, but he has no idea what to do with it, and is grossly underqualified to be a ruler. The face of the company I was never supposed to inherit. You're just misunderstood." "Plus, now I have the perfect Anna." Lena added with another smile. "I mean, she really is perfect in every way." Lena beamed, "Some would say not just for Anna, but in the name of staying on point, she's just so smiley and happy. Or maybe she just really wanted Supergirl to make the decision.Deine Suche hat ein Ende: private Kontaktanzeigen von interessanten Menschen In jedem Fall bist du bei uns goldrichtig, denn wir stellen dir zahlreiche Kontaktanzeigen von Menschen zur Verfügung, die du nach Geschlecht, Alter, Region und weiteren Kriterien filtern und anschliessend durchsuchen kannst.

Anleitung Schreibe Deinem Wunschpartner direkt eine SMS auf die angezeigte Handynummer. Du kannst später auch über unsere Plattform Nachrichten senden.

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As the thought of disappointing Lena by cancelling, or worse just not showing up, seemed cowardly and unbearable Kara found herself landing on the balcony to Lena's office, albeit after an hour of flying around trying unsuccessfully to clear her head.

She couldn't remember ever seeing Lena Luthor nervous, and it was adorable. Like every time they were together, that realisation almost causing her to miss what Lena said next. A living, breathing goddess who saves the city, and this entire world, on a regular basis, and you still have time to talk to the likes of me. You are too, and I see that every day." "Maybe." Lena said dismissively, before grinning wickedly, "But if I was Supergirl, I be using it to pick up girls all the time." Kara blushed furiously, and then huffed, "I doubt that very much." "Maybe, maybe not." Lena admitted with a shrug, "But most people would." "Well, we're not most people." Kara smiled. You, you probably wouldn't even like me anymore if you knew." "Not possible." Lena said firmly, causing the other girl to blush. "But then, that's the problem." Lena smiled, "I want to get to know you, but I don't want to ask anything truly telling. So we're left with the truly mundane questions, like what's your favourite song, or your favourite movie." Kara smiled and nodded, and after another pause as both women took a sip of their drinks the superhero asked, "So, how about it? " "That's tough..." Lena admitted, taking a long pause before admitting, "Speeding bullet to my head? After all, it wasn't just the scary fact that Lena was a girl which was holding her back, it was the fact she was still technically dating Mon-El.

"I'd love nothing more than to take you to the most expensive restaurant I can find and show you off, but I thought something a little more low-key would be better for a first date. just, sorry." Kara mumbled nervously as she practically fell over herself to get in the chair. Even on my best day, I'm not you." "You don't have to be." Kara said, "I'm not a God. "On that we can definitely agree." Lena said, picking up a coffee mug. Aladdin." Kara's face, and really whole-body, lit up, "You like Disney movies! It would ruin my image." "I promise." Kara swore, before eagerly asking, "So why Aladdin? " Lena grinned, before becoming a little solemn, "I, I don't know what Kara told you, but I really am a Luthor. She had told herself that just sitting down and talking didn't count, because she did that all the time, especially with Lena.

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