The dating game tv show rules Kannada video chat room

Some media analysts and viewers hailed the changes as a "positive step" in dealing with a growing trend of sensationalism on television, with channels cranking up the controversy in the chase for ratings and better advertising revenue.

Jiangsu TV's popular dating show, If You Are the One, is filmed in front of an audience at the channel's studios in Nanjing.

Before filming his introductory video for the show, Wang said he went through at least five rounds of interviews with producers and hosts, either on the phone or face to face.

"I think they wanted to verify the information I provided and make sure I was expressing my honest views on love and marriage," he told China Daily, denying he was given any hints as to what answers they wanted to hear.

It has become a little boring." Since If You Are the One and Hunan TV's Take Me Out (Wo Men Yuehui Ba) hit the airwaves in January this year, they have raked in fans by the millions and swept the prime-time ratings."The rules are almost the same (for all of the shows) but it is the conflicts that make it exciting," she said."After all, such blunt confrontation between men and women is rare on television, and even in real life. In every episode of If You Are the One, a panel of 24 women "looking for love" grills a man on his life and aspirations. Although slightly different, each matchmaking show follows the same theme."These shows need to strike a balance between commercial interests and social impact." As the temptation to use sensationalism to attract viewers grows (a result of the changing tastes of the traditionally conservative Chinese audience), the media needs to shoulder more responsibility, argued Zheng at Renmin University of China."Media outlets should safeguard the core values of a society," he said, "not just blindly follow hot issues." Dating show fan Qian, however, shrugged off any suggestion of viewers being affected by what the contestants think.

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