The shroud of turin carbon dating results

Then, analyzing them well, we were able to reach new conclusions to offer to the world scientific community “.To understand the enormous scope of the novelty, just remember that at the end of the 1988 analysis the scientific journal “Nature” published only four sampled results: “In reality – says Professor Torrisi – we have found more than sixteen sampling values”.The conclusion comes after having obtained data that until now was kept secret ANTONIA MARIA ARRABITO MAY 25TH 2019 Thirty years after the attribution of the Holy Shroud to the medieval period, a multidisciplinary Etna team led by the statistician Benedetto Torrisi reaches the opposite conclusion . There is full certainty that the Shroud does not date back to the Middle Ages » , the lecturer reiterates to Meridio News after a conference at the University of Catania.“The dating is still possible through new examinations on remains never analyzed”, adds professor Paolo Di Lazzaro , deputy director of the International Center for the Shroud Studies of Turin.This means casting shadows of doubt on the validity of the theories published then in “Nature”.

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Perhaps to discover that it is not of medieval construction, but of the age of Jesus.The obstacle could be overcome according to the physicist Di Lazzaro.There is an alternative way : the analysis of the burnt threads of the Shroud, recovered from the Chambéry fire of 1532 .Using them would have a twofold advantage: to analyze the least contaminated tissue without reworking the Shroud » .Paradoxically, Di Lazzaro adds, the burns “protect the fabric from agents that over time contaminate it and, in particular, from moth-repellent thymol and mothballs , probably used for the preservation of the Shroud”.

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