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To make a long story short, that first refurbished unit didn't work, and over time I was given two additional refurbished Bolt units which also didn't work. I have a feeling this company is going down the tubes. The message indicates it was old and never updated.With Comcast being one of the largest providers of cable tv in the country, I am amazed Ti Vo allowed it to occur, and incredibly frustrated that it's not resolved. I just called support again, and they say I should have never been told that, they have no idea if it will ever work again.MA/NY 10/6 (boxes would reboot on the 8th)CHI 10/13 ( boxes would reboot on the 15th)PA 10/20 ( boxes would reboot on the 22nd)It looks great and definitely responds faster, but after updating both of my boxes, "My Shows" is gone from the Ti Vo menu on my Preview.

Skins game didn't help things either The Fall 2014 update went well on my system in MA (only took about 15 minutes).

Hello Everyone Just last night we mapped all the D. Based RCN Ti Vo's to the Fall Update code of what we dub as 3.1, This release has some pretty nice enhancements such as : All Legacy 2 Tuner / 4 Tuner Premieres, Mini's and Previews will now run the new T6 / Series 5 User Interface (This Interface will run approx 30% faster on these older boxes)Huffington Post Application Three Column My Shows Support for Forth Coming Android App / Stream support (I believe this app is being released today in the APP Store )So the code was opened up last night so that means the D. Ti Vo's have downloaded the code and now are in a PENDING RESTART state.

You can manually restart you Ti Vo to install the new release or just wait till tomorrow and the patch will auto install tonight Love to hear any feedback you have..-Jason Nealis Right now this is the planned schedule, this is very subject to change if we happen to hit any issues / bugs etc..

All the Minis seem to be showing everything just fine.

After getting a Ti Vo box 3 months ago, and being enticed into getting one by the fact it is being marketed as a top-spec, state of the art, 'intelligent' PVR, I'm amazed that when live TV over-runs and the schedules change at the last minute, that Ti Vo doesn't update itself, as Sky, Freeview & Freesat do.

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