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* If you really want to get my juices flowing, all you have to do is turn on your cam and talk to me.(BUZZ ME AND THE SAME TIME AND ILL REALLY EXPLODE HARD) Teach me new ways to get off.

Nothing turns me on more than seeing the man I'm performing for while he's watching me satisfy him. I LOVE WATCHING YOU EXPLODE FOR ME tip me, buy me gifts, take me to private, join my fan club, let me see you, be confident(but not arrogant),these all turn me on but with that said just be nice to me and that can be enough to turn me on also * I like a man that has power and knows what he wants not arrogant though!!

The world's first "sharing economy" internet platform, i Friends was also among the world's first many-to-many/peer-to-peer "Friends Network" social-networking services. we have brought smiles, success & friendship into each other's lives.

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Most of my guy and girlfriends would say I have a easy-going personality.. Tell me your wildest fantasy and I will please you.

I am very straight forwrd to the point kinda gal and I really do keep things real on here, I'm a real human (no silicone) lol AND I DO HAVE REAL FEELINGS SO BE NICE!! I really enjoy when men turn on there cams for me... I'm starting a new fan club and this is a new stream. If you want to catch my attention fast join my fan club as your saying hi to me.

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