Triple warmer sedating points

You could work each muscle involved with a particular imbalance, although that might take time.Or you can sedate a meridian, thereby “working” several muscles at once.And if one set doesn’t work, you need to remember what meridian may control or feed the affected meridian, and work on those control points. Another possibility is using the Yu or Shu acupuncture points on the back.These points are associated with different meridians which are associated with certain muscles (see chart).Volume 3 includes Neck Sedation in sit-up and supine positions; lumbar sedation, and Thumb and Wrist Sedation. And you can see sneak peeks of the videos on You Tube’s Ohashi Institute channel.

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You may need to repeat pressure on the point periodically to continue relief.

If you don't get relief from the first point, try the next, and so on, until you experience relief of the symptom.

He shows body distortions – for example, a foot that flops to one side shows outward rotation of the leg, which could involve the sacrum or lower back.

Rather than list points to work and where they are located, Ohashi simply shows how to position the body part to easily access the required Yu, insertion, or sedation point(s).

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