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PRESERVE ROWS This creates a temporary table that is session specific.A session gets bound to the temporary table with the first insert into the table in the session.Partial indexes are a very cool feature that came along with Oracle 12c.The capability at partition level to control index existence allows for a couple of obvious use cases: 1) You index the data in partitions only, because small amounts of data are aggressively searched by applications and/or users, but not the older data because the queries for older data are either less frequent or are more analytical in nature.

(Note: This is not correct functionality and will be fixed in a future release).2) You index the data in partitions only, because you are putting the recent data into the in-memory store so almost any kind of access is very fast, but you do not want to swamp the entire in-memory store with older data that people rarely query.But you still want reasonable access performance on that old data.Learn how to calculate your overhead burden using our free interactive tool and use it to determine the right price for your IT services. You cannot grant or revoke permissions for update statistics at the column level.You must have the sso_role to run update statistics or delete statistics on sysroles, syssrvroles, and sysloginroles security tables.

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