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The difference isn't that big, but if you're already comfortable with what you're running, you may want to wait a while before switching over.Also: Ubuntu Touch lives on in Purism's Librem 5 smartphone Eager to make the move?

That means it's about time to consider how to upgrade to the latest and greatest Ubuntu Linux.After that, it's time to get things ready for the big upgrade with:$ sudo apt install update-manager-core Finally:$ sudo do-release-upgrade This will start upgrading your system to 18.04.Along the way, Ubuntu will ask you several questions about how to handle the upgrade. Besides Ubuntu 18.04's advantages, the 18.04.1 release, which is what you'll be upgrading to, also comes with the 4.15 Linux kernel.You can also upgrade from the shell with the following commands: $ sudo apt update$ sudo apt upgrade This makes sure your Ubuntu is up to date.Next, follow this up with:$ sudo apt dist-upgrade This handles changing software dependencies with new versions of packages.

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