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Remember: Once a photo or video is out in the cyber world, it is virtually impossible to delete it.Stress caution when posting pictures or videos online.is another very popular social media app with children and teens and is known for its cyberbullying.This app has been linked to multiple teen suicides.Users can view and comment on live or recorded videos.A video can be viewed by anyone during the broadcast, and the broadcaster can block users, but that is often only after graphic language or content is displayed. Me also allows users to purchase “coins” to gift to streamers that can be converted to actual money.But if you swipe the screen to the right, you’re then prompted to enter the password.

This is potentially dangerous because of the chat function but also it can give children or especially teens a false sense of security in thinking that photos are deleted from the app.

Sporting an innocent-looking icon, this app allows users to create a password protected photo / video album, and even an “escape” password that, when entered, opens the app but shows a fake, empty album.

When you open this specific app, a screen displays a message stating the application encountered an error and must be closed.

Don’t be shy about keeping a sharp eye on what sites they are visiting.

Dangerous apps allow users to anonymously sent text messages, pictures, or videos. They allow users to hide content such as pictures and videos; and they promote sexual activities or “hook ups.”Here are some to look out for. Me is a popular, live-streaming video app that uses a device’s location services to share videos.

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