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Xbox 360 owners, Microsoft hasn’t totally forgotten about you even as it has moved on to bigger and better consoles.

Microsoft shipped the first Xbox 360 update in more than two years this week.

Also you won’t be able to change your region if your account is currently suspended or if you have a balance due on your Xbox Live subscription.

You should also know that money from your Microsoft account won’t be moved if you choose to change your region, therefore be sure to spend it.

It’s nothing major — described on the Xbox support update page as “minor bug fixes and improvements” — but it shows that the company still cares about its last-generation console even though it stopped production on it more than two years ago.

Here’s how you can see if your Xbox 360 is running the most up-to-date version of itself: First, go to the Settings hub, then select the system tile and navigate to the console settings.

Using incorrect region can also cause billing errors to appear, and if that’s the case, wait for 24 to 48 hours and try to make your purchase again.

Solution 11 – Check your internet connection Sometimes billing errors can occur due to problems with your Internet connection, but you should be able to fix them simply by testing your Internet connection.It can happen that your card is not activated or that it’s not authorized for online purchases or automatic billing.If that’s the case, you should contact your financial institution and ask them if they can fix the problem.Lastly, certain services might not be available in some regions, so keep that in mind.Solution 5 – Contact your bank or financial institution Sometimes you can get billing errors due to problems with your credit card.

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