Updating an unlocked iphone to 2 2

Open the app and tap Join Now and then Get Started.The next stage in the process is to locate and register your IMEI by going to Settings, then General, and then About.And if you use First Net, AT&T’s service for first responders, be aware that, according to AT&T, the second SIM may interfere with the first SIM’s connectivity.If you’re using Verizon, you can perform the entire process from the My Verizon app.Don’t sweat it; just hit OK and go on to the next screen, which will let you choose your default plan. We have just released a hotfix to further adjust the odds of getting Tier 4 and Tier 5 units at higher levels.Any update we ship may not have been 100% planned ahead of time.

Existing T-Mobile customers who want to add a second line to an existing phone are advised to use T-Mobile’s DIGITS plan, which lets you access up to five lines from one device.

However, Apple has now made it possible for owners of an i Phone XR, i Phone XS, or i Phone XS Max to add a second line of service by using an e SIM (or digital SIM), bypassing the need for a physical SIM card.

This will let you easily add a local carrier if you travel internationally.

We have some ideas internally on what we want to do with Tier 5 units now, and the community's chatter has helped us refine how we think about these pieces.

Hopefully we can have another iteration on them very soon. A few weeks ago we talked about the upcoming updates being a bit leaner (balance and bugs) while we worked on bigger updates.

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