Updating boinc

The shorter, regional model experiments are much smaller and take between a few days and a month to run.More specifically, for the models used in our [email protected] experiments: (CPDN) work units are a Climate Model that runs for between a few model months and many model years depending upon which model is being run.No, your computer is doing a complete model on its own.This is why the work units have to be so big – the communication would have to be far too frequent.The files are split up into five compressed “zip” files, and can be incrementally uploaded (i.e.

Messages will appear in BOINC giving a large amount of detail about how this upload is progressing.A Phase is about 15 years of model time (not realtime).Only the longer-scale experiments will have phases.A Timestep represents a 1/2 hour of model time (not realtime).Every 10,802 timesteps your model will trickle (report), and there are 24 Trickles in a phase.

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