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This step is generally optional and many organizations skip this step by putting additional controls in the process.If this feature is enables then the journal cannot be posted unless it has been approved.In that case you need to follow the accounting principles and the steps explained in accounting process.At this stage the journals are entered in the system and available for further processing, but they have not impacted the general ledger account balances yet.In the previous lesson we saw some examples of commonly used subsidiary ledgers.Companies extensively use modules like accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, assets, projects and cash management subsidiary ledgers.

The transactional data captured through journals in the previous steps is transferred periodically to the columns in the general ledger.

In this step the system will validate the journal batch, determine if approval is required, and submit the batch to approvers (if required), then notifies appropriate individuals of the approval results.

Email notifications can be sent to the approvers using the system and they can review and approve the journals.

ERPs come with a large number of seeded reports as well as with tools to define user specified reports. Some systems may have slight variations to the above process, but the underlying concepts remain more or less same!

I would like to start by saying that I do not normally advocate updating Dynamics GP data directly in SQL Server.

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