Updating maps on garmin nuvi 200

Note: the Voice files are the biggest and take up the most space.I have the maps of all of North America loaded onto a 200W. As someone else said, backup the directory to your computer's hard drive before deleting anything.Make sure you have not clicked the Mute option unintentionally.Press the volume UP button and check for voice issues.button: Software Version 4.00 Audio Version: 2.20 GPS SW Version: 2.80m From the "Hidden screens" (press the battery indicator for 10 seconds).SW Ver 4.00 Version Information: n2 S V2 2GB I believe I have updated the firmware in the past. Software Version 4.00 Audio Version: 2.30 GPS SW Version: 3.00s The copyright notice at the bottom of the about screen is ©2007. SW Ver 4.00 Version Information: n2 S V4 1GB SIRF Version 4.00 is the last firmware released for the 200W. Step 2 Run Garmin Express and connect your Nuvi device via USB cable.Step 3 Go to the option of ‘Add A Device’ in the application and register your Nuvi device with Garmin Express.

In any case, I would have rather had a 250W or 260W since both of those have enough memory for the whole of North America, but I can't complain given that I got my 200W for from a coworker.

I did download the new maps, and mapsource and mapinstall are now on her pc.

But I still can't install the new maps on the nuvi, using mapinstall, because of the old maps still on the nuvi. Should I delete the old maps off the nuvi, then use mapinstall to install part of the maps on the nuvi, and the rest on the sd card?

Having a latest software makes sure to eradicate issues like security errors or any such incompatibilities.

Here is a step-by-step process guide you can follow to update your Nuvi device to latest software version.

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