Updating value html main strategic issues mandating coordinated action

The solution I used (#239 (comment)) no longer seems to work.

The FWIW this is what we do: https://github.com/skatejs/skatejs/blob/caff8576081471a79f3cbadc2c10cf10f5d470cd/src/api/vdom.js#L67.

IMO what is important is to clearly communicate if there are still plans for it or if will be discontinued.

If discontinued, would be nice to explain the technical reasons that led to this decision.

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@jridgewell Also interested to know the future of the project.

Disabling a control state will usually also disable the connected HTML form element (as long as the corresponding supports this).

Disabled form states are also excluded from validation.

This is mainly useful to change the state as a result of a different action in your reducer.

Note that ngrx-forms is coded in such a way that no state references will change if nothing inside the state changes.

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