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Crazy Japan is at it again with a virtual girlfriend PC game called “Real Girlfriend.” Put on 3D glasses (the old red and blue kind found at Disneyland) and she leaps out of the screen. Add a webcam and you can interact with your virtual love by nodding your head as if you were having a real conversation, listening to her ask why you’re spending all day on the computer.Don't get me wrong I love technology but nothing is better than a good girlfriend. If I had to choose between my i Phone and my GF sorry i Phone but I don't love you THAT much. Maybe you prefer to experience a more realistic scenario when you play a game.More than 200 Love Plus fans have stayed at the Ohnoya hotel alone, while well over 2,000 have visited the resort town for the campaign, which kicked off on July 10 and runs until the end of August.Young men have come from as far as South Korea and Taiwan, say locals.

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"Some people were opposed to taking part in this campaign, saying the game is immoral," said association member Saiki Ota.A man stands (L) next to a tiny black and white panel to have his picture taken and displayed including the animated image of a girl through an i Phone application at the famous spot of Kanichi and Omiya in Atami, southwest of Tokyo and the resulting image is showed (R) on the screen of an i Phone.One recent sweltering summer's day, a tour bus from Tokyo pulled up at a sun-kissed beach at Atami, a Pacific coast resort southwest of the metropolis, and disgorged more than a dozen excited, i Phone-clutching young men.The content is provided for information purposes only.Call me old school but I'm still only interested in my in person actual girlfriend.

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