West indian singles online dating

The article “10 Questions to Ask and Keep Asking in Dating Relationships” promotes self-awareness as the key to success and warns daters against losing their identity in a relationship.

“Avoiding Dating Disasters” gives tips and identifies red flags while dating.

The Short Version: Built in 2014 as a way for West Indian singles living across the globe to connect, Wi quickly grew into a popular online dating site that now attracts people of all races and nationalities worldwide.

Today, Wi Lime remains committed to its large West Indian demographic while catering to an increasingly multicultural crowd.

“You’re always afraid that someone is going to know you are meeting people online.

So they rolled up their sleeves and created the site.

“Initially, when Wi Lime came out, we were gearing toward people in the Caribbean,” the Wi Lime team said.

The site’s widespread use is due, in large part, to its sensitivity to the cultural challenges of dating, intuitive profile setup and management, and a sincere user base looking to form meaningful friendships and long-lasting romantic relationships.

There is no shortage of generic dating apps in today’s crowded online dating space.

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