Who is ben foster dating

But when they took their relationship to the next level, they announced it in a big way. So, now I’m double upset that neither of them told me. '” He also confirmed that Prepon and Foster had been friends for nearly 20 years. When it was brought up again last week, Prepon told Ripa and Ryan Seacrest that she and her fiancé are very private people.

The couple came arm-in-arm to the premiere of The Girl on the Train, with Prepon wearing some sparkle on that all-important finger. The low-key couple is so private, even Prepon’s co-star and friend, Ashton Kutcher didn’t know about it! She added that she hadn’t even told her mother that she was pregnant before photographs of her tiny bump made the rounds.

He had an on-again off-again relationship with Wright who is 15 years older than him, but they had called off their engagement twice. Fans weren’t aware that Prepon and Foster had been dating for a while, long before their 4th of July outing.

Then in January 2017, Ben confirmed his fiancée's pregnancy.The only comfort is knowing she’s no longer hurting and with her dad now looking down on all of us. I want to say thank you to everyone who has sent their condolences to me and my family we greatly appreciate everything our friends and family have done for us. Laura Prepon stepped out for the premiere of her new movie, The Hero and she looks about ready to pop! Laura Prepon does not have a husband yet but she’s on her way to the altar.The actress wrapped up filming for Orange is the New Black and is preparing for her growing family. Find out about her relationship history, right here.

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