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Brittany Wagner engages with selected at-risk student-athletes; acting as a student-athlete manager for this select group.She manages various aspects of these student-athletes lives including academic success and life skills – working to change their mindset regarding academics, improve their chances of maintaining academic eligibility and increase their willingness to accept personal responsibility and make successful decisions.I do NOT want my chemistry details to be on my profile!You did not state that it would show and we would not have a choice when we filled it out.Wagner noted she did not plan on returning to any other EMCC events.Wagner also started her own podcast in 2018 called “Sharpen Up.” The show is a mix of taking listener questions, interviews (including former EMCC players) and Wagner discussing a number of topics.

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Additionally, A mortgage adviser recognized Wagner’s voice over the phone, and the two began dating.It was called "Candy Shop" and featured Jake Paul and Anthony Trujillo.He and Anthony have over 2.4 million subscribers on their You Tube channel.According to Al.com, Wagner moved to Birmingham in 2017, and took a job with the restaurant chain Newk’s as a catering sales and marketing director.Wagner announced the move in a statement on Twitter. Netflix caught up with Wagner on the last episode of Season 3 to show what her life is like today.

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