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Both our units, although old, are in excellent condition and it seems a shame to just sideline them so I was wondering if there are any other options before biting the bullet and buying new units?

Then you either chuck them away when hardware or battery life fails, or when the map has become in error with present roads and names.

So I missed the boat as far as upgrading the maps in these units, but no worries.

The 42 comes preloaded with some safety camera info and I used POI Editor to load the last file that I had downloaded, before the old forum was shut down.

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In that case, the further steps become quite easier for you.

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For now, we took advantage of a recent special at Makro where both the wife and I bought a new Nuvi 42LM for only R999 each!Thanks for the reply and apologies for the long delay in my reply.After some deeper thinking, A Zumo for my bike is more of a 'nice to have' than a 'need to have' and I can't really justify that expense yet as I don't see me using it that much unless my riding pattern changes drastically.Now we have updated units with the latest maps and I think that was the best way to go.To answer your earlier question: My Nuvi3 street maps in it and I think My Wife's 250W had the 2010.3 street maps in.

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